The First 

This is the post excerpt.


Springing into September with a blog ☄️

Well yeah,5 days late!

September, my favourite month

I am a double-September mum

Make that triple as l birth this Blog

Name suggestions anyone?
Well l am just excited 😊 to be here

Just like a mum holding her baby for the first time 🌝
How to hold it right,

Like a first time mum

Excited Nervous and anxious

Am l doing this right?

Here’s to terilific reading and writing!


Love off the internet 

..the sunset was perfect for the romantic setting.  They stared deep into each other’s eyes! 

The moment was so cute,it seemed to have lasted a lifetime. The precise moment his lips touched hers, it felt like she was floating in the clouds. 

Red bull gives you wings? In this case, the overflow of love 💕…

Staring into the sky

Counting stars

A first date like no other!

At the back of her mind she kept asking herself “why didn’t this love come sooner?” 

But of course “Connecting beard” seems to be the basic requirement for the “ideal guy to date” nowadays!

No!  Mr Yellowbone-no-beard-nor-Fitness-Twitter wasn’t going to come sooner into her life.

What started off as a direct message enquiring on what the “Sunday-Twitter-Twar”  subject was on, turned into Direct messages closer to home. Greetings and Good night messages every other day.

For a year, Mr Yellowbone made it a point to send her a Good morning greeting at sunrise. It went on and on till the “Can we meet at the kopje at sunset” direct message came in!She had rehearsed the date in her head

… fast forward to the present
What a good time they had! A first date, no fancy restaurant nor fight on whats the better cutlery to use for rice. Neither did he tease her for the black pumps she had on

Mr Yellow bone was the right guy for her. He didn’t subscribe to the Zwitter Standards Association. 

She was in love! 

She just couldn’t believe she would find love off the internet. 

But the direct messages were much more frequent than the “physical dates”. They met once in Three months. More like the quarterely-Tax-payments! 

He was a workaholic, the only social time at his disposal was a game of tennis with potential clients. 

She loved it that way, love off the internet with a guy who barely made it to the Zwitter Bae list. But was this love meant to be? 

Well yeah, after three years of quarterly-physical-dates, Mr Yellowbone had proposed at the very same kopje they met!

Not matching outfits

No photoshoots

No “RTs”

No Dm screnshots of “It all started in the Dm”

No “Issa Marriage” tweets

Mr and Mrs Yellowbone still follow each other on the Twitterverse but very few Twimbos know they’re a couple.

After all “what happens in the DM stays in the DM”-A Twelder proverb 

Love off the internet 

“If music be the food of love,

Play on, give me excess of it;

That surfteing, the apetite may sicken, and so die”
The famous Shakespeare phrase replayed at the back of her mind as she drove from her workplace. Love is one word, when uttered, makes one mushy and warm inside. And when one is in love, the glow is evident. The smile, the speech, the touch… everything.

Celine Dion and Aaliyah love songs on her playlist as she drove to her “First Date”. Of course, music is the food of love. She played on and on. What better way to feed the soul? What better time to finally meet the one she loved, for they had met on the internet. She had waited for more than a year for their first date. 

Love knows no bounds, it breaks and tears down walls. Love is patient, a year felt like yesterday,

Well, ecstatic she was and couldn’t hide the feeling as she drove westwards. She sang along to her playlist, put on a happy face that got other motorists staring as they drove past. Towards the end of the city,was a kopje where they were to meet and watch the sunset together.

Love, yes, it renergises and takes one to another realm. She got there five minutes early and found standing near the jacaranda tree a tall,light skinned and well sculptured male of the human species. Not a member of Beard gang nor Fitness Twitter, he was just fine..

Eyes did the talking, not a word uttered by the mouth. All the rehersals of “What-do-l-do-when l-finally-meet-him?” disappeared from her thoughts as she stood in awe. 
“You can say you love me

That I’m your perfect crush 

How it hurts,to need someone that much

You can swear you mean it

But that ain’t good enough 

Cause when a man loves a woman, its is all

In his TOUCH…”

The Celine Dion song played as he put his arm around her in an embrace, that touch said it all.

To be continued…..


Joys of motherhood

“No, no, don’t push yet!” Screamed the nurse. Confused and in agony, l just did not have the energy to verbally respond, neither was l to go against nature. I mean, hey, who would stop a baby trying to escape its mother’s womb. Having carried the baby for 38 weeks,there was no way l was going to stop pushing.

The nurse aide looked confused as neither the father of the child nor the Gynaecologist were around to witness the birth of the baby. She suddenly dashed out of the labour suite to make a quick call. Meanwhile l was ready to deliver and couldn’t hold back the contractions but to my amusement, the contractions suddenly stopped. I was slightly relieved as this would somehow give ample time for the Gynaecologist to find his way to my suite.

I took a very deep breath of relief and thought to myself,let me use this time to reminisce on the journey of my pregnancy and distract myself from the excruciating labour pains. Each pregnancy has its own story and even if you’ve had more than one child, each has it’s own unique story. This was my second pregnancy and l thought l garnered enough strength to have a less dramatic delivery.

The labour duration seemed to be way shorter than the first. Howover, l threw up so much during labour and l was scared of running out of energy to push the baby when the time was right. As a second-time mum, l had done so much research and tips to make Labour bearable. I had juices by my bedside, my breathing was more controlled and l screamed less.

Just before 2300hrs, my husband arrived into the suite, few minutes apart, the Gynaecologist also dashed into the ward. Somehow,I was reenergised and didn’t even look like someone who had endured 4hours of labour pains. was ready to deliver.

“Open wider”is one phrase, I have heard too often.

First deep breath:the baby’s head popped out
second deep breath: the shoulders and somehow this baby was in a hurry to leave the womb. My son was born just before midnight. (However, the birth record says he was born on the 9th of September).

Still energised, I jokingly instructed the Gynaecologist to sew up any tear.

“Congratulations mom, you did agood job. At 3,7kg, we are pleased to tell you that there are no tears,therefore no need for stitches”.

My Face beamed with so much joy, no complications, no tear&stitches..

Joys of Motherhood ❤️


User guide or is it Manual?

Now and again l seem to come across user guides/manuals on basically everything.How to make perfect lasagne, how to restore lost data from your cloud, how to make your blog eyecatching, how to…endless lists. YouTube is my go-to-place for most of these “How to” things especially technology-related tasks. Trust me,l look for the “How-to-connect-your-DSTV Explora-to-the-internet” videos too. Everything is just there on the click of a link.

Social media is quite helpful with some of these “how-to” questions. On twitter there’s a hashtag #Twoggle which is used whenever anyone is seeking solutions to a particular situation. However, lately l have come across a series of annoying “threads”. Basically a series of linked tweets explaining these “how-to” scenarios. “How to keep a man”. Seriously, so we now have to follow a certain User guide/manual on how to keep a man?

More annoying is the fact that we have to “keep” a man/woman. What l am failing to understand is the fact that everything seems to come with a user guide/manual. Are we people with feelings or we have slowly turned into gadgets such that we have to follow certain procedures in order to prolong the duration we stay a couple? 

In as much as my fellow Zimbo ladies call our Aunties “backward”, they too are slowly becoming who they despise. Or is it that people are in relationships or situationships for as long as they can keep each other? Lol, KEEP…am still stuck at this word:”keep”

Does love still exist? Because as far as l believe, love flows naturally. It doesn’t have rules or procedures, it just flows…

A lover doesn’t follow a set of rules or procedures, they just LOVE ❤️ 

Unless nowadays people just want to keep each other? Then again even if you follow these “How to keep a man” rules and procedures s/he will still leave you if they want to leave! Your manuala/user guide is useles as s/he will leave if he feels s/he wants to leave. Rather be in love!
Love… Are you in love or you are in keeping?


Under construction…

Typing typing…..

Backspace backspace!

Imagine if this was handwritten,

How many papers would l have torn up?

My dustbin would have been full to the brim!

I have so much to write, but how to write.

Then again, the reason l am writing?

Relax, its gonna be a terilific read!